Certificate Of Appreciation Template

A certificate of appreciation is a good way to let someone know that their contribution has been appreciated. This contribution could have been made by way of voluntary work or even as part of their day to day job. Sometimes deeds are done over and above the call of duty. The good thing about certificate of appreciation templates is that they can be used over and over again. Usually, the only thing you need to change each time is the name on the certificate, an dthe reasons they are given.


Typically, it’s a good idea to have the following information on your certificate:

  • the main heading – this will be the text “Certificate Of Appreciation”. Old English or large cursive fonts are good for this heading. In our downloadable certificate, we’ve used the Algerian font.
  • the name – who is being appreciated? This could be an individual or a group of people.
  • the reason – why are they appreciated? What good did they do?
  • the date – when the recipient looks back at the certificate, they can pinpoint at what point in time they received it.
  • the presenters – who it awarded the certificate.

Download the certificate of appreciation template. For those of you who don’t have Microsoft Word 2007 or 2010, this certificate is for versions of Word prior to 2007.

You can use this certificate as a starting point if you want. It’s an easy job to change any of the text, and to change the certificate border in Word, simply click Page Layout > Page Borders (in the Page Background group). Have a play around in there to get the style you want.